A small Texas town that I can stop at and explore. They offer a lot of sightseeing and history. It’s always interesting to find out how a town was founded and what makes it unique.

One such town is Lockhart, Texas it’s located about 35 mins south of Austin.

With it’s striking 19th century buildings and charm you will find something to do here. If you do come here hungry you’re in luck, Lockhart is the bbq capital of Texas.

With the most award winning bbq joints than anywhere else, you can’t make any wrong decision here. Just save room for dessert.

Though it once was a dry county they decided to see the light and since then seen a new brewery open up.

Caracara Brewing Company offers brewed in house beer options (pale ales, saisons, porters) and some custom “cocktails” made from locally sourced mead.

Still hungry after hiking, exploring or golfing at the city park? There’s plenty of restaurants that offer some of the best homemade food around.

So when you find yourself driving around like you may be lost. Make your way to Lockhart, Texas and discover the great things that make this small town a must visit bbq destination.