You’ve heard the old saying, ” wait an hour before jumping into the pool after eating.” But why? Will your stomach explode? Will you get cramps?

It’s hard to obey that pool rule when at Pool Burger! Their burgers are made from local wagyu meat and farm grown veggies.

They have a tiki hut theme which works very well being located near Deep Eddy Pool.

They have a comfortable huge patio to enjoy the sun and a few tropical drinks.

But their main attraction is their burgers. They offer the classics and some custom made burgers, some get very tropical. Plus they offer soft serve ice cream with the option for sprinkles.

So enjoy a swim at the pool before or after a burger at Pool Burger but obey the pool rules.

They also have one of the best looking patio bars in Austin.

Make sure to park your surfboard on the fence so others don’t trip over them. Cheers.


Montucky Tall Boy $3

Red Strip Jamaican Lager $4

Frozen Hurricane $9

Pineapple Lemonade $3.50

Happy Hour M-F

$5 Frozens & Rosés

$2 Draft Beers