So you survived South By Southwest in Austin Tx. What was your favorite part? What did you do? Did you catch morning shows, midday shows or late shows, or all day partying?

How many places did you visit where the food and drinks were complimentary? Many I bet.

From breakfast tacos, bites, sliders, ice cream pops, to bbq, there was plenty to choose from.

It’s not only about the food but also great causes. Like the (red) event to support women charities.

There’s also the Lady Bird lake stage where it’s free to the public.

Of course there is plenty of art to be found throughout South By.

So how can you enjoy South By like a local? Here are some tips:

  • Purchase a badge (interactive, music, education or platinum)
  • Follow twitter hashtags #sxdrinks #sxnoms #sxlines for free drink, food and short line spots (about 99 no RSVP or badge needed)
  • RSVP at as early as January to be in the know for South By parties
  • Volunteer at SXSW to get your very own badge to use at any event email for more details

There you go follow these tips to be able to get into parties and events!