Austin is a music festival town. It draws in tourists from all over the world for its monthly festivals and popular shows. But it also offers some great sight seeing spots.

Like cruising Lady Bird hike and bike trail, the Forever Bicycles display, the Hope outdoor art gallery, plenty of parks and the floating umbrellas at old Mueller Airport. There’s plenty going on in the city.

They are always putting up new attractions as well. Like the Yippee Ki Yay attraction at Pease Park Conservancy.

It can also be known as the Sticks, the Sapling Huts, the Stickwork Houses or the Enchanted Hamlet. No matter what they’re called they are a great art installation to see and walk through.

Made to last for years these installments will actually change with the coming seasons.

While it does have lighted interiors for viewing in the evening, the best time to go is during the day to get the full experience.

Created by Patrick Dougherty (Stickwork Project) is made of Texas ash, ligustrum, depression willow and other natural materials. Perfect homes for feral children this exhibit brings together months of work from many local artists.

It’s expected to last for two years but make your way here as soon as you can!

Pease Park Conservancy

2201 Parkway Austin, Tx, 78703