Craving some food truck tacos but not sure where to go because most of them are not on social media? Here are some suggestions. 

Rosita’s Al Pastor

1911 E. Riverside Dr, Austin, Texas 78798

Late night or mornings, you can get your taco fix. They make their flour tortillas by hand everyday. 

Gringa and Quizso

With or without their spicy sauces. 

Cuban Torta

Even try some Tortas (sandwiches) like the Cuban Torta with hot dog, ham and breaded milanesa. 


2237 E. Riverside Dr, Austin,Tx 78741

Just down the street is another favorite taco spot on east riverside, with music and a patio for enjoying your meal in the cool evenings. They offer all the popular options as well. 

Guisado Tacos
Fajita Tacos
Fajita Torta
Always ask for their homemade salsa and sauces. They keep those in the taco truck. But you can find the usual ones on the tables.