There’s a place in downtown Austin that serves up a delicious sampler plateful of different meats, mustards, some pretzel rolls and toppings. It’s called the Frank Restaurant where they serve up artisan made sausages.

Made from local Austin folks who not only love sausages and hot dogs, but food, music, art and design. They have a huge art wall outside where you can take some Instagram worthy pics.

Sausage Board

What’s also great about it, is that it’s under $10 during happy hour!

If you do decide to jump on one of their other sausage or dog plates ask to make it epic! That’s where they add a fried egg or bacon or both to any menu item.

They also can wrap any dog or sausage in a corn batter jacket instead of a bun. The frank flapjacket is where breakfast and lunch come together. 

Don’t forget to try their waffle fries. They have them in Poutine, Corn Beef and Chili Cheese. All available for happy hour prices. 

I always take some home with me. 

They also have some of the best coffee drinks in Atx.

4th and Colorado, Austin 78701