One of Austin’s most popular spots is only a few years old. Located south of the Colorado river starting from the Congress bridge and going East past I-35. The Lady Bird Lake boardwalk is a 1.25 mile project that was completed in 2014 to connect a gap in the Butler Hike and Bike Trail.

Sculptor Ken Little had a vision of creating a type of music hall of fame along the boardwalk before it was even built. Three years later his vision is coming together.

Willie Nelson lyrics “Crazy for cryin’ Crazy for tryin’ ”

Robert Earl Keen Jr lyrics “Panhandlin’ manhandlin’ postholin highrollin dustbowlin’ daddy”

Lyle Lovett lyrics “Me upon my pony, on my boat”

Rocky Erickson lyrics “Two-headed dog” 

Stevie Ray Vaughan “She’s my sweet little thing, she’s my pride and joy”
The art project is being called “Belting it out.”

So add this new Austin spot to your vacation checklist and come take some cool pictures of art and downtown.