Take a beautiful scenic drive southwest out of Austin (not recommended on a bicycle) and you'll find a place where you can enjoy some delicious salt lick. Just not the kind that you would give to the animals.

Park in their large spacious lot and when you walk up you'll notice a large pile of mesquite or pecan firewood. A good sign of great BBQ coming.

Walk inside and you have a few options. There's the option to get a table inside, eat outside or order to go. Here's my tip. Order to go. It comes out very quickly and you can take it to any of the outside tables. Outside they have two different sections, the family area and the cellar area where you can byob (bring your own booze) or order from the bar.

If the byob isn't reason enough to come then the menu is. They offer sandwiches, plates, child/senior plates, meat by the half pound and desserts.

So if you want to enjoy some delicious barbecue and bring your own adult beverage then come to Salt Lick BBQ. Just be careful with the BBQ sauce, some Texans have a very strong opinion on whether it belongs on the meat or not. Tread lightly.

Live music on the weekends.

Location: The Salt Lick (driftwood) 18300 FM 1826 Driftwood, Tx 78619 (cash only location, ATM on site)