Tacos. They may as well be the perfect food. They come in different sizes. You can make them out of anything. Meat or vegan. Make it all cheese if you want to. Granted some may call it a quesadilla. But as long as you eat it like a taco then it’s a taco! 

First you need to start with quality ingredients. Then put them together, fold the tortilla and there you have it, a taco in your hand.

We make tacos all the time. Almost everyday. We love to grill, almost every day. So I had an idea…. can you make tacos on the grill? 

So we grabbed a pie tin and put some ground beef in it. Then we added some homemade Penzey’s rojo taco sauce. You have to season your ground beef. I mean it’s a must. 

Throw in some tomoates for color. Grill up some jalapeños on the side if you feel bold and spicy 

Chop up some onions, cilantros and pineapple. Yes pineapple. It adds a sweet taste to your toppings. (Pineapples are under the onions and cilantro, I promise) 

Make some homemade quac. Mash up avocados, more onions, and tomatoes. You can add black beans (don’t mash them) or lemon juice as well. 

Throw your tortillas on the grill and keep an eye on them. They cook fast. Flip them and put them on the top grill if your grill has one. 

Put your ingredients together add your favorite cheese and voila. You have a taco. Enjoy it. Slowly or fast. That’s up to you. You made it. Bon apettit.