To be or not to be a hipster. It’s easy to be a hipster without having to wear the skinny jeans and antique Leica camera. Head on over to Whip In where you can get Indian fusion cooking and a craft pint. Hipster enough for you? Enjoy your draft wine, beer and samosas out on their covered patio. Wait. Draft wine? Yup.

Yellow bird hot sauces
Just some tasty locally made hot sauces to go with your meal. Fact: did you know the yellow bird is immune to the spicyness of peppers. 
Vegan Samosas
Vegan samosas are larger than life! Made with Indian spiced mashed potatoes, carrots, peas and raisins. Served with sweet tamarind date sauce. 
Whip Indianized Nachos
The nachos come loaded with black beans, pico and cilantro chutney. 

So don’t just whip in stay awhile and enjoy a pint and some appetizers.

Happy hour is everyday from 2-4pm. 

$4 draft wines

$4 craft beers

Buy 1 get 1 free on select appetizers 

Location: Whip In 1950 Hwy 35 S. Austin Tx