It becomes routine for us. We wake up. We make coffee/tea. We make a quick breakfast and so on. We repeat this daily. Pretty bland right. Well every once in awhile we need to lively up our breakfast. Turn it up a bit one would say. 

Our idea here is just an example of what you can do. You have our premission to modify it. So you still need to make a quick breakfast because who has time right. So grab your usual ingredients. Eggs, bacon, veggies, cheese and bread. 

But instead of your usual bread grab something different. Maybe a donut, cinnamon bun, a concha sweet bread or a honey bun. 

So slice up your preferred sweet roll. Grab a pan and cook your bacon. Then if you like it spicy like me, slice up some jalapeños. Once the bacon are done add some more oil.  Put the jalapeños in the hot oil, next to each other to kinda hold the eggs in place. 

Get those eggs cooking. But don’t flip them. The secret to good eggs is to throw the hot oil over them. That will cook them slightly. 

Turn off the heat and put some cheese on top of the eggs to melt while still in the pan. 

Make it your own, add some jelly, maple syrup or honey. Or just keep it simple. Toast or grill your bread. Load it up with other meats or no meats. Bon appetit.