Fries usually come as a side dish or an app, but at Chi’lantro they are their own meal. They made the Kimchi fries famous. What started as a food truck has turned into a multiple location delicious business. They mix Korean and Mexican inspired flavors to create some very unique and delicious items. 

Take their Kimchi Fries, a sloppy delicious pile of fries, topped with caramelized kimchi, jack and cheddar cheeses, onions, sesame seeds, sriracha, their secret “special sauce” and your favorite protein (spicy chicken, spicy pork, beef, tofu or soy-glazed chicken). When you receive your order be careful it’s pretty heavy, don’t drop it. Like someone did <===. 

But don’t just come for their fries they also offer a build your own menu at their South Shore and the Domain. Where you get in front of your foodista and create your own meal, whether it’s a salad, rice bowl, tacos (2), burrito, or noodle bowl. I opted for the tacos since it was taco Tuesday. 

You know what else is great there? There selection of beers. Which happen to be inexpensive all the time not just during your usually happy hours. 

South Shore Location: Chi’lantro 1414 Shore District Dr. unit 102, Austin Tx 78741

(512) 382-9653

Domain Location: Chi’lantro 11005 Burnet Road, Austin Tx 78758

(512) 852-8789

Heads up all their locations are cashless.