Need to get yourself out of the traffic nightmare that is Austin? Take a short trip west on hwy 360 and you’ll get to Pennybacker Bridge. Make a U-turn and you can park perpendicular to the road just before the bridge. 

360 bridge overlook

Come on a warm sunny day, wear some comfy climbing shoes and enjoy the scenery from atop the rocks. Take some pretty pictures to share with your friends. Hopefully you’re not afraid of heights because the good pictures are taken near the edge of the cliffs. 

After you’ve had your share of exploring and snapchatting the scenery you can head west a bit more and go to Oasis Brewing Co overlooking Lake Travis. 

Courtyard at Oasis Brewing

Oasis Brewing Co is located within a cluster of other businesses, restaurants and cafes. Plenty to do besides enjoying a few pints, which you can definitely do. 

Salsa and Chips

Start with a few sharables and then move on to plate. They offer poutines, salads, hot dogs, burgers, sandwiches, wings and sweet desserts.

Duroc Pork Sausage

So make it a day and take the short trip towards Lake Travis. You can enjoy some scenic views and a few brews. 

Location: Oasis Brewing Company 6550 Comanche Trail