Burgers are not that hard to make. Grab some ground beef, veggies, condiments and toppings. Cook your patties on the grill for a few minutes, throw it on a bun and you’re done. Boring right. Well with just a few changes to your ingredients you can change that. 

Variety of toppings for burgers.

The ingredients can be anything. Fresh tomatoes, gourmet cheese slices, avocados, onions, poblano peppers, jalapeños, bacon, fried eggs, onion rings, mushrooms and so on.

Ground beef mixed with onions and jalapeños

You can add veggies to your ground beef for some flavor and texture. Sprinkle it with seasonings and spices, just don’t let it be bland. Make it your own. 

Patties formed on wax paper.

When getting your meat ready for the grill, put a ball of ground beef between two sheets of wax paper to form a patty. The wax paper also helps to transfer the patty to the grill. 

Did you notice the two colorful buns in the first picture. Those are called Conchas a Mexican sweet bread gaining popularity in restaurants as a burger bun substitute. But you can always use another type of bread if sweet isn’t your thing. Flatbreads, onion bread, bagels, waffles, sourdough, brioche, ciabatta even Texas toast. 

Concha burgers.

So get your ingredients together and get to grilling. Your burger night will never be the same! Bon appetit.