So you went to Franklin Barbecue and noticed the line was to the parking lot, which makes it an almost three hour wait. So what do you do when you want some ribs but can’t wait that long for them? How about you head just a few streets down to LA Barbecue. Situated off of E. Caesar Chavez in a small food truck lot, they offer brisket, pulled pork, turkey, two kinds of ribs, sausage and sandwiches. 

So when you get here you’ll notice another line. But wait this one isn’t too bad, it’s about an hour and half wait plus during the week they provide free beer while you wait! Not a bad trade off for waiting. Okay so there is beer while I wait, how is the barbecue? Pretty darn good, that’s what I say! 

But you do have to get there a bit early. If not you may miss out on some of their offerings. They tend to run out of ribs pretty fast. Usually posted on a sign up front by the entrance. But don’t worry they always have other delicious meats to choose from.   

 They also have some very popular sandwiches. I personally like to make my own barbecue sandwich, get some bread, brisket and their popular chipotle slaw, drizzle a bit of barbecue sauce and done. So bring a koozie, some sun block and your appetite. This is one barbecue joint you want to try. 

Hopefully you are one of the lucky ones to get their ribs!

Location: LA Barbecue 1906 E Caesar Chavez Austin, Tx