It’s mid march! Time for spring break and SXSW in Austin. Where thousands from around the world come into town for roughly two weeks of entertainment. From films, interviews, video games, comedy, food and music. There’s plenty to do, see, drink and eat. But how do you keep track of everything? Social media is a simple answer. Follow the bands that are playing, follow venues, follow SXSW and even look up popular hashtags. 

Doing so can get you the early scoop to parties and events that are always popping up every day. Those events offer free food, drinks and merchandise. You might even find a pop up restaurant from a popular television show. 

Los Pollos Hermanos pop up off Congress and Fifth

You can find futuristic vehicles and futuristic cocktails at an abandoned house. 

The parties are endless. So get on your phone and put it to good use. Follow and hashtag. Follow and hashtag. Repeat. 

National Geographic on Sixth st

Here’s a few to get you started:
















South by Southwest stage at Auditorium Shores