You’re going to get your significant other flowers, jewelry, candies, a romantic card, plush toy and say I love you a million times. But is that enough? Probably not, not if you want it to be a memorable Valentines. Here’s an idea. Cook them dinner. Yes you could go out but why endure the long wait and the high dinner bill? Get some of their favorite ingredients together and create a wonderful evening for them. 

Don’t know how to cook? Keep it simple then. Make a pizza. You don’t need a stone oven just a pre-made dough, pizza sauce, Italian cheeses, some fresh toppings and done!  

Wanna stay away from the oven? Fire up the grill. When you live in Texas a majority of your dinners should come from a grill. Make some steaks, grill some veggies, burgers, brats, chicken breast, kabobs or even some fajitas for tacos. The possibilities are endless.

Can’t cook to save your life then order in from a favorite spot, serve it on a plate and present it in a romantic way. Make the table. Put candles. Some relaxing music. Start with an appetizer or salad. Then the main course. Don’t forget the dessert. Get it from your local bakery so it’s fresh, they’ll notice. (Maybe warm it up and put a scoop of ice cream on top.) Doesn’t matter if you didn’t make it. You served it. Have some conversation in between plates. Make it memorable for them. 

Don’t forget to say I love you a million times.