If you live in Texas you’ve probably have had tamales and found them to be very delicious. They often make an appearance around the holidays when families get together around the dinner table.

Tamales come in many shapes and flavors. Some are made with banana leaves or corn husk leaves. The most popular being the corn husk leaf variety. They can be filled with many different ingredients. Popular meats such as pork, chicken or beef. Cheese, veggies and even raisins have made their way into them as well.

You probably know someone that has a friend that is selling a dozen for $10. I usually order two dozen since they take two dollars off if I do. What a delicious deal!

So how do you make them into a cake? I couldn’t tell you but the folks at Shady Grove have done just that. They’ve taken everything that makes a tamale great and stacked it high on a plate. They take three tamale corn masa cakes and smother them with queso, hatch green chile sauce, pico and shredded pork.
They are considered an appetizer but you wouldn’t want to share them! What’s great is you can get them for half off during happy hour as well as other delicious apps for the same great deal.

What’s wonderful about this meal is not having to unwrap the tamales to enjoy them. They come hot and ready to eat. Just be careful of the hatch green chile sauce it’s pretty spicy. Ask for it on the side if you’re not as bold.

Grilled Wings

They also offer wings, nachos, burgers, huge salads and daily dinner specials.

Update: every Thursday during the summer they offer live unplugged musical performances from local and national acts.

Chicken fried chicken plate with seasonal veggies and homemade buttery mashed potatoes.

Location: Shady Grove 1624 Barton Springs Rd, Austin, Tx 78704