Pho is very simple in its ingredients, broth, meat, rice noodles and some veggies. Very popular and usually around $9 for a bowl, mind you though a very large bowl. It’s a great meal to enjoy when the weather is cold.The options for choosing the main ingredient are many. You can choose from steak, brisket, seafood, meatballs and so on. 

So it had been awhile for me having a large hot bowl of Pho so we decided to go have some. We went to a neighborhood spot and it so happened to be their one year anniversary on that faithful day. When we showed up there was no where to park luckily we rode our bikes, plenty of bike parking. But once we walked up to the cafe there was a line out the door and around the corner. We inquired about it with our new neighbors at the end of the line and they informed us that the cafe was having their one year anniversary. They were offering their Pho bowls for one dollar. Yes one dollar. You can order any one of their bowls whether it was rare steak or brisket, both if you wanted, their seafood even their signature bowl was included. We waited for about an hour before we made it to the order counter and after placing our order we paid less than three dollars for two bowls of Pho. 

Even though there was a huge crowd they handled it very well. We sat down right away and only waited minutes for our order. We added our veggies to our bowls and ate. Boy did we eat. We slurped up our last bit of broth, full and satisfied. Even if you’re not a Pho fanatic or want something different, this place has it. Egg rolls, banh mi, thai tea, bao bun and bo kho. 

Now does this happen daily? No. But does it happen often, probably. The best way to find out is to follow you favorite Pho restaurant on social media. You’ll get updates and news on daily speacials and events. If you want to check out this place for yourself, you won’t be disappointed. Just don’t expect dollar Pho. 

Pho Please 1920 East Riverside Dr, Austin TX 78741