Pancakes. Simple to make and delicious. All you need is some quick mix or make your own batter flour, eggs, buttermilk and so on. Not very much to them but they can get boring for breakfast everyday if they are the same again and again. So why not change them up! Get creative with your ingredients. 

Add quick oats, how about chocolate chips, throw in some sliced bananas or get crazy with it add bacon. Whatever it is it will make them enjoyable and a different treat each time. 

One of my favorite pancake hacks is my cinnamon roll pancakes. They start off as regular buttermilk pancakes. Just make sure to make the pancakes different sizes so you can layer them. Get some butter, pecans and maple syrup, combine those ingredients in a pan and cook them on low heat for a few minutes to soften the pecans. 

Put your pancakes from largest to smallest on a plate, cover with maple syrup pecans. Voila! Wanna get a bit crazier add some cinnamon frosting to your pancakes, mix a large amount of powdered sugar with a dash of cinnamon and some milk or coconut or soy or almond (whatever you prefer). You want the mixture to be thick not too runny. Spread over all the pancakes and enjoy. 

Use whatever you have around the kitchen. Strawberries, bananas, chocolate bars, candy, mini cookies, cubed apples and cinnamon. 

Try making a pineapple upside pancake.