Who said tacos are for Tuesdays. When you have the Monday blues go for tacos. You won’t regret it. Whether they are greasy or healthy they can change your Monday around. We were pedaling around town after it rained the day before, feeling just like the weather, a bit down, so we stopped at the nearest taco truck we could find. It happened to be Veracruz all natural food truck, yes the same one mentioned on the food network. So we decided to order their popular tacos. What they have become famous for, the Migas and the Migas Poblanas tacos. If you have never had Migas before it’s eggs cooked with fried tortillas chips. Tortillas in a tortilla huh? Well it works and it works very well. Don’t forget to order the tacos on their handmade flour tortillas (harina).  They also offer fruit smoothies and aquas frescas (juices) to get you going on any day not just mondays. But if you get a craving for their tacos around dinner time, sorry they close at 3pm.

http://www.veracruztacos.com 1704 E Cesar Chavez St. Austin Tx 78702